Painting and Damp Proofing Pretoria

You will be pleased to know that your search for the best painting and damp proofing contractor company in Pretoria ends here!

Sipenda was founded by entrepreneur Herman du Raan whose background consists of over 30 years of experience in building and construction management. Since 2012, the company has expanded their services rendered to include professional painting to meet clients’ commercial as well as domestic needs.

Not only that, but Sipenda in Pretoria also specializes in high pressure cleaning, steel fencing and steel gates.

By offering such multiple, interrelated services, Sipenda’s holistic approach to upgrading, beautifying and maintaining property is what sets this company apart from the rest. Expertise and experience enables them to provide professional solutions that are cost effective.


Endorsed by Plascon and Dulux, Sipenda confidently guarantees top of the range, long lasting paint that will contribute towards the quality and value of your property.

Damp proofing

Simply put, damp proofing functions as long term prevention to moisture decay  by inhibiting moisture from passing through interior spaces in walls and foundations. It also prevents timber decay and structural damage by not allowing moisture to reach timbers and in doing so totally eliminates outbreaks of both dry rot and wet rot.

High pressure cleaning

Used to peel away soft or hardened deposits.

By making use of this cleaning technique, surfaces are instantly ready to be painted. Leaving absolutely nothing behind from the cleaning solute and the debris that was removed, this process is fast and will save you money.

Think about it, if the cleaning is 20% faster, customers can potentially save 20% on the cost of the job!

Steel fencing

Provides reliability and high security at a low cost.

Sipenda in Pretoria will introduce you to ways of fencing your commercial or residential property with more style and strength than any other competing company.

Steel gates

Tremendously stronger than other types of gates. It is durable and there are many options besides solid steel gates to offer aesthetically pleasing results while providing solid protection.

Contact Sipenda today for your free quote to meet your needs and enjoy the sense of relief about to flood your senses!

Professional commercial and domestic painting service in Pretoria

Sipenda Painting Contractors is the splendid result of entrepreneur Herman du Raan’s expansion of his portfolio into the paint industry in 2012. This highly professional commercial and domestic painting service is firmly established on his 30 years of experience in the combined fields of construction and building management.

Endorsed by both Dulux and Plascon paints, they offer exceptional painting services to a wide range of clients in Pretoria including residential, corporate, commercial and industrial.

Plascon has been leading the way in the coating industry for 128 years and Dulux currently offers a selection of over 1200 colours to choose from.

By making use of these top of the range paints, clients are ensured of the best results as well as the guarantee of long lasting quality.

It is incredible to note how something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can completely transform your home or business. It refreshes, protects and breathes new life into your property, inside or outside.

Although painting is often considered to be an improvement task that many home or business owners could accomplish independently, there are several reasons to consider hiring professional painters — experience, tools and responsibility to name a few. That is exactly where Sipenda Painting Contractors Pretoria come in. Their main aim is for you to have the best experience as they help your property in Pretoria come to life!  They are equipped to enhance and restore homes, businesses, schools and malls by providing exceptional painting services including interior as well as exterior.

Choose Sipenda Painting Contractors to meet your painting needs. In doing so, you will be provided with professional recommendations following a thorough on-site assessment as well as an analysis of your property. You will certainly be guaranteed of the provision of quality workmanship and products.

With a high value for constant communication with clients to ensure beautiful projects and relationships, this company will always offer professional and superior painting services when it fits your schedule. Don’t delay. Get your quote today!

Painters Pretoria – Fire Pit Painting

Sipenda completes yet another successful painting project for a very satisfied client in Pretoria. This time Sipenda applied their professional painting services to the exterior of a home revamping the fire pit area giving it a brand new look and feel. This new coat of paint revives, protects and beautifies this fire pit completely transforming the exterior of this home.

Sipenda Painters Pretoria provide a comprehensive scope of work with quotes done by on-site inspections. We carefully assess and analyse each project and can provide recommended specifications for each project and client bases on years of experience in the painting contractors field and industry.

With our main focus on painting we also offer top quality damp proofing, roof coatings, high-pressure cleaning, cleaning of painting and paving, window cleaning, steel fencing, steel gates and more!

An added bonus service that we offer is advice and suggestions on choosing the correct colours and colour combinations for the interior and exterior painting of your home. House painting in Pretoria has been a service we offered since 2012 and can confidently say that we are one of the best painting contractors in Pretoria.

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our brand new blog section! Our blog page will be updated regularly with recently completed painting projects, news from Sipenda, tips and info on painting Pretoria, pressure cleaning, damp proofing, window cleaning, steel fencing, steel gates and house painting.

Please check back monthly to see what’s new at Sipenda. We strive to deliver top quality and professional painting services throughout Gauteng with our main area of service in and around Pretoria. Please feel free to contact us for a painting quote in Pretoria today!