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5 Common Painting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

After putting in time and effort to paint your walls, it can be a tremendous disappointment if you’re left with less than perfect results due to a few painting mistakes. While you could cover them up with a few pictures or furniture, it’s best to fix them the right way.

Below we’ll teach you how to fix these common painting mistakes or avoid them in the first place.

  1. Paint Drippings

You can fix paint drippings by carefully scraping the paint drips with a scraper. Use sandpaper to smooth out the area and repaint.

Don’t put too much paint on your paintbrush to avoid paint drippings in future.

  1. Brush Marks

To get rid of brush marks on wood you have to sand the area with a machine sander and repaint the area

To avoid brush marks don’t overload your paintbrush and use proper painting techniques.

  1. Stains

Clean the stained area by using a pre-paint cleaner like TSP. Once it’s completely dry, cover the stain with an oil-based undercoat, then repaint.

Stains will show up if you don’t prime your surface properly before painting.  Make sure you use a quality primer for the best results.

  1. Flaking Paint

Use a wire brush or paint scraper to remove paint on affected areas. Sand the area by starting out with a coarse sandpaper and finally ending with a fine one. Make sure you smooth the edges properly. Prime and repaint.

Paint tends to flake when you paint over a damp surface but can also happen over time if your wall is exposed to excessive moisture.

  1. Mildew

Thoroughly wash the affected area with a pre-paint cleaner and a wired brush. Allow the wall to dry completely (two days at least) and then prime the surface with a mildew protectant primer. Once dry, repaint.

While this isn’t necessarily a painting mistake, it is a common occurrence in areas with excessive moisture. Using a primer formulated to prevent mould will go a long way.

You can easily avoid all of the above-mentioned painting mistakes by hiring a skilled painting contractor for your painting projects. For a quote from the most affordable and reliable painters in Pretoria, get in touch with Sipenda Painting Contractors Pretoria today.

Painters Pretoria

4 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Paint Your Home

Many people believe that painting a home doesn’t have to be done by professionals and they try to cut costs by doing it themselves. And while it may be a valid option, you might get less than desirable results if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The thing is, you can watch how-to videos all you want but professionals will have all the right tools and skills to do a job well done. Below are some reasons why you should consider hiring painting contractors.

1. For a Quality Final Result
When painting your home, the primary goal is to get a professional looking final result. Because you don’t paint homes every day, there are some skills you simply won’t have. Professional painting contractors know all the tips and tricks that will give you the best looking paint job without wasting resources.

2. Because You Know Nothing About the Preparation
Did you know that there is more preparation to be done before painting than the actual painting job? If you don’t do the necessary preparation, your paint won’t last as long which means you’ll be spending time and money on new paint sooner than anticipated.

3. You Don’t Have the Time to Do It
Let’s face it. Not many people can take time off to paint their home. If you paint only in your free time, it will take forever to finish the task. When you hire a contractor, your painting job won’t take longer than a week tops.

4. To Save You Money
You might save a few rands with a DIY paint job but if you mess it up, it will cost you double when you have to hire professionals to fix it. Additionally, buying all the necessary tools could end up costing you more than the services of a painting contractor.

There are many benefits to hiring professional painters for painting your property. For a free quote, get in touch with Sipenda Painters in Pretoria today!