This Is Why You Should Never Hire Amateurs To Paint Your Commercial Building

Painting high-rise commercial buildings are completely different from house painting. Taking into account the safety of workers, the time needed to finish and the costs involved, it’s clear to see why it’s better to hire professional painters with experience in commercial and industrial painting for the project.

So, if you were thinking of hiring just any self-proclaimed painter to paint your entire industrial site or commercial building, think again! Here’s why:

Experienced Painters Will Save You Time and Money

Simply put, painting jobs of this magnitude will be too much for one painter to handle. To paint an industrial sight or highrise building, you’ll need a team of professional painters to get the job done.

These types of painting projects require more preparation and paint than a typical home. The more people on the project, the faster it will go and the more money you’ll save. Additionally, professional painters buy paint and materials in bulk, thus get better prices from suppliers.

Professional Painters = a Satisfactory Outcome

When hiring an amateur, there are no guarantees that the outcome will be adequate. Professional painters are skilled and experienced in painting large buildings and they can help you choose the right type and colour paint for maximum punch. Hiring professionals for your painting job is essential if you want to avoid smearing, flaking or cracking paint.

Professional Painters ALWAYS follow Safety Regulations

If there’s one thing amateurs do well, it’s cutting corners. And when it comes to the safety of your contractor — who would be working at extreme heights — it’s vital to comply with all safety rules and regulations. For their sake and yours.

Now that you know exactly why you should resist hiring amateurs and hire professional painters instead, you should definitely get in touch with Sipenda Painting Contractors. We are professional painters in Pretoria with experience in residential, commercial and industrial painting. We can assure you when you hire us for your painting project, you will be satisfied with the outcome. For more information or a free quote, give us a call today!


In Shere Centre Painting Project

Sipenda has completed their second successful painting project at the popular In Shere Centre located in the East of Pretoria. Another paint job, another satisfied client!

Please feel free to contact Sipenda Painters Pretoria today for your commercial painting needs!

How Lighting Affects The Look Of Your Interior Paint Colour

As challenging as it is to choose a paint colour for your home’s interior, there are even more considerations to keep in mind, like how your colour will present itself on your walls? Whether you have loads of natural light or no natural light at all will play a big part in your choice of paint hue.

If you are lucky enough to have a room with plenty of natural light throughout the day, we recommend using golden or pale tones to light it up even more. If you prefer bold, rich colours, you’d be glad to know that these too will look exceptional. If your room is sunkissed all day every day, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating your space.

One thing to keep in mind: A south-facing room is brighter and light may bounce around while north-facing light is cooler, thus more of a blue tone.

For rooms that are sunny in the morning (east-facing), the light will be warm to start with and turn blue throughout the day. We suggest you stick with mild colours that will pop in the morning but still feel cool in the afternoon.

Rooms that are sunny in the afternoon (west-facing) might have harsh shadows later in the afternoon. It’s best to avoid bold and vibrant colours as they might appear dull. We suggest you use more subdued and pale colours that will warm up throughout the day.

If your room doesn’t receive a whole lot of natural light, you’ll have to be cautious of how your artificial lighting influences your tones. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking room, however.

If you want your room to look good no matter what and your paint to match the exact swatch colour in your hand, we suggest you stick to mattes. If you don’t mind a variance in colour and you want to enrich bright colours, gloss and sheen can be used to your advantage.

For help with your interior painting job, why not get in touch with professional painters in Pretoria. Call Sipenda Painting Contractors for a free quote today!

This Is The Best Way To Deal With Water Damaged Furniture And Damp Walls

It can be so frustrating to spend money on things you already have. When you discover mould on your floors and furniture because of damp in your home, it won’t only cost you money but it will also affect your health. Mould growth can cause eye, skin and throat irritation, coughing and wheezing as well as nasal congestion. And that’s the best-case scenario. Worst case is reduced lung function and respiratory illnesses like asthma.

The only solution — damp proofing.

What Causes Damp and Mould?

Before we solve your damp issues with damp proofing, let’s look at the primary cause of damp in your home — excess moisture. There are different ways to treat damp and how you approach it will depend on which type (rising damp, penetrating damp & condensation) you have.

Rising Damp

Typically found in older buildings, rising damp is caused by water moving up through the floor and walls. The damp proof course might be damaged or non-existent.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp happens when moisture enters through the roof or walls. Roof and plumbing leaks are the primary causes for this type of damp.


Excess moisture buildup caused by everyday tasks such as showering, cooking or hanging damp washing in and around your home.

Damp Signs to Look Out For

Water stains and damp patches on floors and walls

Peeling and flaking wall paint

Lifting floor covering

Salt stains on external walls

Damp Proofing Pretoria: Getting Rid of Damp the Right Way

Treating damp is a process that requires expertise and skills of trained professionals like Sipenda Painting Contractors. Typically a damp proof membrane will be applied to the area that’s affected but as we’ve said before, the course of treatment is determined by the type of damp.

Damp and mould growth can wreck your home and your health. So keep an eye out and if you come across signs of damp, get in touch with the team at Sipenda for a free quote today.

3 Secrets Professional Painters Don’t Want You To Know

Painting a room isn’t exactly brain surgery and most of us will do an okay job of it. But professional painters do more than that. They deliver excellent results every single time. This is because they have experience and they also know tricks and techniques that make them good at what they do.

People don’t always like to share their secrets but as a professional painting contractor, we’ve decided to let you in on a few. Here goes…

Surface Preparation is Key

We can’t stress this enough — you can’t paint over cracks or flaking paint and expect the outcome to be good. Before anything, clean the walls, look for imperfections, fix them properly and then paint the surface with primer before applying the actual paint. Repairs might include filling holes, caulking cracks and sanding the wall down with sandpaper.

Quality Paint Will Give Better Results

Good paint doesn’t come cheap. As professionals, we have a few brands we like to stick to, depending on which look you’re going for. Glossy paints are more resistant to stains while matt paints don’t show imperfections as much. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s a high-quality paint.

How You Paint Makes All the Difference

Don’t be stingy with the paint on your brush or roller. You’ll want as much paint on it as you can handle without dripping all over the place when painting walls. For window frames, you’ll use less. Work from the top to the bottom and do the baseboards last. This will stop the dust from travelling onto the brush and onto your freshly painted wall. Make sure you have adequate lighting especially if your paint colour is similar to the previous one. You won’t want to miss a spot.

If painting your home the right way sounds like too much effort, don’t fret, we can help. At Sipenda, we follow all the right steps to ensure a perfect end result. Hire the best painters in Pretoria and get in touch with the team at Sipenda today!

Save Money When Hiring Professional Painters In 2020

I know what you’re thinking. “How on earth will I save money if I hire professionals for my painting job?” They are much more expensive than doing it yourself or hiring someone off the street corner. In short, a professional painting company will do the job right the first time around.

When painting your property, the paint should last at least 5 to 7 years. But, it will never last that long if you don’t use quality paint. It will start to fade within a year or two and then you’ll have to do the entire process again.

If you make an educated decision and use a quality paint, the results might be better, but not as good as they can be. Painting is much more than just covering up your previous layer. Whatever you’re painting needs to be prepped — cleaned, repaired and primed. If you skip these steps, you will have to repaint much faster.

If you hire an amateur, you risk the chance of having to redo the entire paint job which will cost you double. You are not a professional painter and even if you watch a hundred YouTube tutorials, you could still get it wrong and end up wasting money.

Are you willing to take that risk? Do you want your home or business to look anything other than perfect? We didn’t think you would.

Hire Sipenda Professional Painters Pretoria for Your Next Painting Project

It’s a myth that all professional painters are expensive. At Sipenda, we offer world-class painting at affordable prices. Our painting technicians are properly trained to use the right equipment and materials to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Join our long list of happy customers and use Sipenda for your painting project in 2020. We promise you won’t be sorry! For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the team today.

How To Properly Paint Your Commercial Property

As you already know, paint remains one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add value to your property. A coat of paint can revive an outdated or faded exterior and make it look fresh and new in a matter of hours.

If you put some thought into your paint colour it will add to your business’ curb appeal. The colour you choose on the inside can make your employees more productive and affect their mood, so be careful to choose the right hue.

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of commercial painting, you’re probably wondering how to do it properly. The short (and only) answer is: Hire professionals!

You might think you’re saving money by doing it yourself or hiring an amateur painter, but in reality, you’re spending more in the long run. Added to that is the risk of having to pay twice due to a botched up painting job.

Commercial Painters Pretoria: Hire the Best in the Business — Sipenda Painters

Sipenda painters are market leaders in the domestic, commercial and industrial painting industry. With more than 7 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers, we strive to offer high-quality painting services to each and every client, no matter how big or small the project.

We also offer various related services such as damp proofing, roof coatings and repairs, high-pressure cleaning and concrete protection and repairs, to name a few. Feel free to speak to one of our team members if you need a quote.

We offer painting services in the following sectors:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment buildings
  • Townhouse complexes
  • High-rise buildings
  • Malls
  • Packhouses
  • Factories

Don’t leave your painting job in the hands of amateurs if you can hire Sipenda that offers professional results at affordable prices. Get in touch and we’ll gladly schedule a visit to your property for a quick survey.


What To Expect When You Hire Professional Commercial Painters

Are you looking for someone to paint your highrise building, church or school? Before you hire the first contractor that comes knocking on your door, there are some things you need to consider. Below we’ve outlined what qualities to look out for when hiring commercial painting contractors. All we can say is to make sure you hire professionals for the job!

High-Quality Products and Materials

Think you’re saving money by going for the cheapest quote? Think again. Corners will have to be cut somewhere and you will pay the price eventually. Whether it’s due to a shorter lifespan of your paint or having to redo an amateur paint job. Cheap paint simply won’t last that long and if the necessary preparation is neglected to save on costs, your walls will need to be painted much sooner than you think. Professionals like ourselves only use high-quality paint and equipment.

Quality Workmanship by Trained Professionals

We realise that painting isn’t brain surgery but it does require a specific skill set not everyone possesses. Our trained painting technicians are carefully selected and expertly trained to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the end result.

A Host of Related Services

As professional painting contractors, it’s vital to be skilled in various related services like damp proofing or high-pressure cleaning to ensure you can offer your customers everything they need. No one likes to hire 3 or 4 contractors to get the job done. At Sipenda, we offer residential, industrial and commercial painting services, as well as various other related services.

Don’t let amateur painters ruin your building and your budget. Hire professional commercial painters to guarantee your building looks good and the paint lasts long.

Professional painters can also come at affordable rates. At Sipenda, we take great pride in offering extremely competitive rates to all our customers. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Painting Your Home

As you perhaps already know, painting your home increases its value. You might not want to sell your home right now but two years down the line, if you do decide to sell, a fresh coat of paint might make all the difference in attracting potential buyers.

But, since you’re not selling right now and your home is a large investment to maintain, you should probably know a few things about painting your property.

Proper Preparation Will Ensure Your Paint Lasts Longer

Painting isn’t just about slapping a layer of paint on the walls. If you want your new paint to last a good few years, it’s vital to prepare the wall. Preparation might include repairs of cracks or holes and applying a quality primer.

Primer ensures that the paint adheres to the wall eliminating the possibility of flaking paint. Primer also reduces the number of paint layers you need for a smooth, beautiful finish. Proper preparation is extremely important.

The Colour You Choose Affects Your Mood

Did you know that the colour you paint your wall can affect you emotionally? For example, blue is a calming colour and perfect for the bedroom while red is aggressive and energetic and works well in a sales office. Choose the colour carefully to make sure it serves its purpose.

Choose the Finish Wisely

Choosing the right finish is nearly as important as choosing the colour. Glossy finishes are easy to clean and extremely durable but it tends to highlight imperfections. A matt finish won’t show off imperfections but isn’t as durable as glossy paint. In most instances, the best option is an eggshell finish.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all there is to know about painting your home. We are here to inform you and assist you in any way we can. Let the team at Sipenda manage your next painting project to ensure a successful outcome. Give us a call today!




Is Summer A Good Time For House Painting?

Summer is finally here and everyone is spending more time outside. Winter in South African isn’t nearly as harsh as that of Canada or Europe, but the elements do tend to take its toll on the exterior of your home. Every 5 to 7 years, you’ll need to apply a fresh coat of paint to keep your home looking great.

So, when is the best time to paint your home? It’s always a good idea to update your home because something as simple as paint can increase the value of your property. But, the best time to paint your home in South Africa is during spring and summer. The warmer weather helps to dry the paint much quicker than in winter.

Need Help Painting Your Home This Summer?

Not sure you want to spend your December holidays painting your home? We understand! It’s your time to relax and unwind. Painting the exterior of your home is hard work, especially if you do it alone.

You could hire a one-man-band but you’ll have to supply all the materials and equipment and supervise them. You’ll be stuck at home the entire time. And you’re not guaranteed a professional end result either. Additionally, it might take much longer to finish than if you were to hire a team of professional house painters like Sipenda.

Hire Affordable and Reliable House Painters in Pretoria

No need to break the bank when hiring professional house painters. Sipenda offers affordable painting services to the residential industrial and commercial market. Our technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled but don’t just take our word for it — ask our long list of satisfied customers.

Take advantage of the summer heat and paint your property. For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the team at Sipenda today!