Pros and Cons of Using a Dark Colour Paint for Your Home Interior

Painting the whole interior of your home white or a light shade is no longer the way to go. While it’s a safe choice and does make a room appear brighter and bigger, it has become trendy to opt for brighter or dark colours. Not convinced yet? Keep reading and let me explain.

Dark Paint Colours in Small Rooms

Dark paint colours like navy, grey or even black have always been considered a no-no, especially in smaller rooms, but not any more.

Unlike a white room that reflects light, a dark room reflects less. Because the dark paint absorbs the light, it blurs the edges of the room, giving the illusion of more space.

Pros of Dark Paint Colours

  • Gives a dramatic look and feel to any space
  • Will make a room feel warm and cosy
  • It makes your wall art stand out
  • Hiding hideous cables has just become easier
  • It’s easy to maintain and won’t show dirt marks as quickly

Cons of Dark Paint Colours

  • Might heat the room up faster due to absorption of sun rays
  • Paint colour might fade faster
  • Unforgiving when it comes to imperfections
  • Can be difficult to cover up with a lighter colour

Paint Colours to Make a Room Look Brighter and Bigger

As previously established, a dark colour paint can be used make a small room seem bigger, if there’s sufficient sunlight that is.

It is believed that white, neutrals and light shades of yellow, blue and green helps to make a room look lighter and also bigger. This is because these colours reflect light.

If you aren’t sure about the paint colour that will work for your home interior, get in touch with the professionals at Sipenda Painting Contractors. Not only are they reliable painters in Pretoria, they are also affordable and more than qualified to give you professional results.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home by Painting Your Driveway

There is nothing more unsightly than a faded, oil-stained driveway. Your home can be as gorgeous as any but if your driveway is neglected, it will negatively affect the look and feel of your home exterior.

Unfortunately, oil stains and fading is inevitable and with time your driveway will end up looking less than appealing. Our hot South African sun might even speed up the process. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Can I Paint My Paving?

It is absolutely possible to paint your paving but you have to use a specific type of paint for the best results. Acrylic paving or concrete paint will do wonders for your driveway or patio. But before you take out your paintbrush and start painting, you’ll have to give them a thorough clean first.

How to Clean Paving Bricks

It is important to note that using acid or bleach to clean your paving is not recommended since it can damage the surface of the paving. For oil and grease stains, it’s better to clean them with soap and water right after they appear. Older stains are more challenging to get rid of and you might want to consider getting a professional to assist you.

If you’ve recently had any construction done to your home, you might be stuck with plaster, concrete or paint marks in which case it’s best to get help from an expert as well.

Paving Cleaning Companies

There are many paving cleaners and painters in Pretoria and surrounding areas. So how do you find a credible painting contractor? You look at the work they’ve done previously and you speak to some of their happy clients.

Sipenda Painting Contractors has been in the painting business for over six years. While painting is our main game, we also offer other services like window cleaning, damp proofing and high-pressure cleaning Pretoria.

If you need help from a professional to clean your concrete paving, get in touch with the team for a free quote today.

Pretoria Painting Contractors


Painting accent walls in your home are alive and well in the decorating industry.  When you are thinking about it, the location of your feature wall is personal and you want to add excitement to the space.  The aim is to emphasize and make it special and unique, that’s why picking the right wall, is so critical.

Remember that when you enter a room, the first wall you see is not always the wall to accentuate and paint.  Here are a few suggestions and guidelines that will help to determine which wall to choose:

*  Choose a wall in the room that has no doors or windows.  Doors and windows can distract and your mission is to enhance. The light from the windows will also change the colour of our accent wall during the day.

* Paint the farthest short wall in an oblong room, it will make the wall appear closer to you, and visually correct the room.  Do not accentuate shared walls; this will only make the room look unbalanced.

*  Make use of an existing focal point in the room, for example a built-in fireplace or the headboard of your bed.  You can make it stand our more when you paint the wall around it a different colour than the rest.

* When there is no natural focal point in the room, you can create one by using a favourite painting, a unique piece of furniture or framed photos.

* Look careful when you choose your accent wall – make sure there is no competition from other walls in the room. An oversized mirror or dramatic artwork next to the accent wall will only overwhelm.

When choosing the colour paint for your accent wall, keep the following in mind:

* Create a classic look and paint your accent wall darker than the other walls in the room.

* The colour of the accent wall should harmonize with the adjacent wall colour.  You can foolproof your look with 2 shades darker than the rest.

* Relate your accent wall to the existing décor – repeat a colour already present in the room.  Use one of the colours in your throw pillows or a colour in the artwork for your accent wall.

* Do not pick the colour of your carpet, furniture upholstery or curtains as this will only emphasize too much of the same thing.

*  Remember the items that will be placed on the background of the wall.  Aim and ensure enough contrast so that nothing will clash or disappear on the new colour background.

Do you need help picking a colour palette for your accent walls?  Sipenda Paint Contractors is here to help with decorting colours and advice.  Give us a call for a painting quote today in all Pretoria areas!

Sipenda Painters Pretoria are professional painting contractors in Pretoria and offer the following services:

  • Painting of Interior & Exterior walls
  • Damp proofing
  • Roof coatings and repairs (tile and zinc)
  • High-Pressure cleaning
  • Cleaning and painting of paving
  • Concrete protection and repair
  • High access and rope access painting
  • Window cleaning
  • Steel fencing and gates
  • Advice and suggestions on correct colours and combinations.