Painters Pretoria – Fire Pit Painting

Sipenda completes yet another successful painting project for a very satisfied client in Pretoria. This time Sipenda applied their professional painting services to the exterior of a home revamping the fire pit area giving it a brand new look and feel. This new coat of paint revives, protects and beautifies this fire pit completely transforming the exterior of this home.

Sipenda Painters Pretoria provide a comprehensive scope of work with quotes done by on-site inspections. We carefully assess and analyse each project and can provide recommended specifications for each project and client bases on years of experience in the painting contractors field and industry.

With our main focus on painting we also offer top quality damp proofing, roof coatings, high-pressure cleaning, cleaning of painting and paving, window cleaning, steel fencing, steel gates and more!

An added bonus service that we offer is advice and suggestions on choosing the correct colours and colour combinations for the interior and exterior painting of your home. House painting in Pretoria has been a service we offered since 2012 and can confidently say that we are one of the best painting contractors in Pretoria.