How To Choose The Right Shade Of Grey Paint For Your Home Improvement Project

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Over the last few years, grey has become a symbol of style and elegance. It’s no longer deemed dreary and dull. At this very moment, grey is considered to be the most popular colour of choice when it comes to decorating your home. It can warm up or cool down your space and intensify any accent colour.

It can be a challenge to choose the right shade of grey paint for your interior walls since there are literally thousands to choose from. It isn’t limited to light, medium or dark grey – that’s just the beginning. From there it only gets more complicated.

While considered a non-colour, there’s a grey tone for every colour in the rainbow. It all depends on the undertone. Additionally, the direction your room faces plays a big part in how you’ll perceive the colour.

North Facing Rooms – If you’re trying to make this room look light and airy, you have a challenge on hands, however, it’s not impossible. Make sure you avoid greys with green undertones and pair it with white.

South Facing Rooms – Any shade of grey will work in this room. The most popular choice, however, is warm grey’s since they are easier to live with than darker greys.

East Facing Rooms – In this type of room the light can appear blue thus it’s better to choose a shade of grey with blue or green undertones.

West Facing Rooms – You’ll want to enhance natural light as much as possible so try to stick with lighter shades of grey.

Light greys should be used in small or dark rooms since they can reflect the light and make the room seem bigger. Dark greys will create a cosy atmosphere in bigger rooms. To make darker shades of grey look even more dramatic, pair it with bright accent colours such as yellow.

The rules mentioned above aren’t set in stone and you might be surprised at the results if you decide to “break the rules”. Just make sure you use professional and reliable painters Pretoria for the best results. For a free quote, get in touch with Sipenda Paint Contractors today.

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