Colour Psychology in Retail Settings: Can Colour Really Increase Sales?

Just like the colour of your bedroom can affect your mood, there’s evidence that specific colours can actually increase sales in retail settings. This is because people tend to find certain colours more energising or others more relaxing. Certain colours improve productivity while others enhance hunger.

Colour directly impacts a person’s mood which finally affects their purchasing decisions. People aren’t just influenced by the colour of the item they wish to buy but their mood is affected by the room colour and decor where they shop. Dark colours like black or burgundy are often used to give a sense of luxury in high-end stores. When it comes to environmentally friendly retail settings, the colour most often used is green.

The colours most effective in getting people to come back to make purchases are red and various shades of orange. Why exactly red and orange? Red indicates to our brain that we should stop – much like a traffic light. The colour orange is associated with integrity and affordability. Now we’re not suggesting you should paint your shop orange or red from floor to ceiling but subtle accents incorporated in the design will subconsciously set the necessary tone to enhance sales.

Just beware that too much red might backfire and cause customers to reconsider their prospective purchases. If your red colour scheme seems a little overwhelming, try adding different shades of blue since blue makes people feel relaxed and more comfortable. When a customer feels more at ease, they are more likely to spend their money and become repeat customers.

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