Sell Your Home Quickly by Painting It These Colours

Early December it was announced that South Africa has emerged out of recession following a 2.2% rise in GDP increase for the third quarter of 2018. While we aren’t out of the woods yet, it is excellent news for the housing market. If you’ve been contemplating whether you should put your home on the market, now is the time.

As you already know, it takes time and planning to sell a home so in order to have the best chances of closing the deal quickly, make sure your home is attractive to potential buyers. We’re not saying you should do expensive renovations but a few coats of paint will do wonders and it’s fairly inexpensive. Keep in mind that the colour you choose will play a crucial role!

Exterior Paint Colours That Will Attract Buyers

White is still a prefered choice – it makes your home look bigger and more welcoming. Recent research showed that neutral colours like beige or grey tend to sell quicker and for a larger asking price than those painted with earthy colours like tan or brown. This is due to the fact that neutral colours tend to show off your property’s assets better. Sprucing up your home’s exterior will give it a fresh new look and better curb appeal.

Interior Paint Colours That Will Seal the Deal

Interior staging is crucial to sealing the deal with potential buyers. If you’ve taken good care of your home over the years, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed. Present your home in a way so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in it and settling down. The right colours on the walls will make all the difference.

Trendy colours come and go and while it’s tempting to follow the trends, it might be a big mistake. The key is to stick with classic colours to make your home more marketable. Neutral colours are more appealing since they offer the idea of a blank canvas. Please note that this does by no means mean you have to stick with white. Even white comes in various shades and undertones. Typically, cooler whites tend to be more attractive to homebuyers.

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