Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Property’s Exterior Painting

In most cases, when people plan an exterior house paint project, they think about how it will update and refresh its visual appeal. However, aesthetics isn’t the only function of paint. It protects your home in many ways, making it a critical thing to delay.

Painting the Exterior of Your Home Helps Protect It

Your home’s exterior is exposed to the elements of nature 24/7 and during the harshness of every season. The sun can be extremely tough on your home’s exterior but even more vital than ultraviolet light protection is water protection. Painting the outside of your property provides an indispensable barrier against rain, hail and humidity as well as related moisture sources like sprinklers.

Don’t try to save money by delaying exterior painting. In the end, you’ll only make the preparation harder and more expensive. Exposed patches or damaged paint are telltale signs that your home is in urgent need of fresh paint.

The Effects of Delaying Your Exterior Painting

While it’s tempting to postpone painting your home’s exterior to save money, the fact of the matter is that delaying the painting project might actually cost you more. The reason for that is that exterior paint has a limited lifespan and when you reach it, the paint begins to decline. It will cause cracks, peeling paint and a chalky residue. Once that happens, you have bigger problems to take care of.

Painting over cracks or peeling paint is a no-go. It must be removed and fixed before applying a new layer of paint. This will involve high-pressure washing, scraping and brushing which won’t only cost you more but will take up a lot of your time. Once failed paint is fixed, you’ll need to apply primer before you are able to paint.  All those steps can be avoided when you don’t put off your exterior paint job for too long.

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