Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring Commercial Painting Companies

Looking for a commercial painting contractor to manage your business painting project? There are plenty of reliable companies out there who can offer a quality paint job at reasonable prices. But, there are also those contractors that give commercial painters a bad name, who will try to cut corners by offering you a scanty painting job.

You don’t have to fall victim to these scammers if you do the necessary legwork before hiring a contractor. Avoid these common mistakes when appointing a commercial paint contractor and you should have no problem at all.

Hiring a “One-Man” Painting Contractor

Hiring a one-man operation might seem like a great idea since you won’t have to deal with several people on your premises. The problem with that approach is that one person will take much longer to finish the paint job than a team of painters. And in the event of this single painter not being able to make it to work, no one else is available to finish the project in his absence.

Not Getting References

There’s no way of knowing the level of quality of anyone’s work if you don’t speak to previous clients they’ve worked with. Any professional painting contractor should be able to supply you with contactable references and if he can’t, we strongly advise you to move on.

Making the Final Payment Before the Job Is Done

Paying a deposit upfront with structured payments throughout the painting project is acceptable and even expected by most contractors. But when a contractor asks for the payment upfront or before the job is completed, make a run for it asap.

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