Top Reasons to Invest in Quality Paint for Your House Painting Project

If you’ve ever considered freshening up your home with a few coats of paint you’re probably wondering: “Why is paint so expensive?” And it’s true, quality paint isn’t exactly cheap but the question you should really be asking is: “Is it worth paying more for paint?”

While cheap paint might sound like a great deal, the problem is that it doesn’t offer the same results as more expensive paints. It starts with the manufacturing process. Cheaper paints tend to skimp on materials that would provide even coverage and fewer coats. In short, cheaper paint is thinner and you’ll need more coats to cover the area whereas high-quality paint will typically need two coats. When you look at it this way, you’ll see that you will be spending more money on paint anyway when you could have invested in quality paint from the start.

Quality (and more expensive) paint brands are manufactured to coat evenly and quickly. Some of these even contain a primer, thus the consumer doesn’t have to invest in a separate primer to coat the walls beforehand.

Quality Paint Saves You Money in the Long Run

Over time, even the most expensive paints will fade when exposed to frequent sunlight. While there are special paints available for rooms with extensive sun exposure, inexpensive paints will fade faster and you’ll notice the difference quickly. Another downfall with cheap paints is that they tend to wash off the walls when wiped clean.

So, to answer your question: “Is it worth paying more for paint?” YES! In fact, you can actually save money by choosing more expensive paints. Fewer coats are needed and the paint will last longer. If you are on a very strict budget, you can lower your costs by choosing lighter coloured paints since it will need fewer coats than dark shades.

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