Painting Your Building Can Make Employees More Productive [Use These Colours]

Nearly all business owners struggle with employee engagement and productivity. In fact, according to research, an average employee is only productive for around 3 hours out of their 8 hour work day. Those stats are alarming, to say the least.

There are many elements that contribute to employee productivity such as their work environment, personal issues, dehydration and the colour of the office walls. That’s correct, the choice of paint colour can affect their mood positively or negatively.

Blue: Focus

According to scientific research, the colour blue is believed to significantly increase alertness, thus productivity. Being a soothing colour, it helps to clear the mind and enhance concentration. Perfect for the interior of an admin office that requires optimum focus.

Yellow: Energy

Yellow, on the other hand, radiates positivity and energy. By lifting their confidence levels, your employees will present their best, most creative work ever.

Red: Excitement

If you have a sales office, the best colour would be red. This colour evokes strong physical reactions and gets the heart pumping. It also works well in an environment that’s physically demanding and requires heavy lifting.

As you can see, by carefully choosing the paint colour for your office, you can boost your employees’ moods and also their productivity. It’s a simple trick that offers massive results. Leave the neutral colours for your home and use colour to your advantage in the workplace.

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