Why Winter Is The Best Time To Paint Your Home [Advice From the Pros]

Winter is officially here! For some the colder weather means hibernating, for others, it’s time to do some home improvements. If you’ve been wondering if it’s OK to paint your home in winter, we’re here to tell you, it’s more than OK. It’s actually the best time to do it! Here’s why:

Summer Rainfall For Most of South Africa’s provinces

South Africa’s inland provinces don’t experience much rainfall during winter, making it the perfect time to paint your home’s interior and exterior. You won’t have to worry about your paint getting wet. As long as you give it enough time to dry during the day with the glorious winter sun, you’ll be fine once dew sets in overnight.

Faster Project Turnaround Time

Most people believe Spring or Summer to be the best time for painting projects which means you’ll have more contractors available to take on your project, lower rates due to reduced demand as well as a quicker turnaround time.

Your Paint Will Dry Faster

Summer heat brings humidity and humidity isn’t kind to the paint drying process. In winter, your paint will dry much faster due to reduced temperatures and humidity. If you’re painting your interior, make sure to ventilate your room properly by opening windows.

South Africa isn’t nearly as cold as Europe or North America in winter. We rarely experience snowy conditions and the average temperature during the day is 16 degrees Celcius. Paired with the sunny conditions, there’s absolutely no reason you should postpone your painting project until Spring or Summer. As long as the temperature isn’t below 15 degrees, your painting project is good to go!

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