Commercial Painting: A Breakdown Of The Costs

Residential painting is simple and straightforward. It’s typically a matter of calculating the square meterage, buy quality paint and getting to work. When it comes to commercial painting, it’s a whole different ball game. Not only are you dealing with higher square meterage, but you’re also facing various surfaces that will see a lot more traffic than your home ever will. It’s vital to use the highest quality paint for commercial paint applications. Here’s where your money will go:

 Supplies and Materials

The paint cost is one thing to keep in mind, but you also have to consider protecting the areas around the paint. Since we frequently work around carpet, glass and other fixtures that could be damaged by paint, we need to take extra care to protect it during our painting process.


Of course, those hundreds of square metres of paint won’t apply itself, we have to hire qualified and experienced staff to ensure a job well done. While it’s more costly than sourcing people off the street, our client’s satisfaction is important and our results speak for themselves.

Other Costs

A licensed commercial painting contractor is expected to adhere to high standards. Any business that offers professional services will be responsible for costs of doing business such as insurance, licencing etc of which a small portion is included in the cost calculations.

It helps to look at the big picture when you’re getting a quote for commercial painting services. At Sipenda Paint Contractors we provide so much more than just paint and labour. Our work plays a significant role in your business’ public face.

Whether you’re building a brand-new commercial building, revamping your existing building or looking for shopping mall painting in Pretoria and surrounds, contact Sipenda Paint Contractors. We’ll be more than happy to manage your project while offering reliable, affordable and durable paint solutions.

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