3 Secrets Professional Painters Don’t Want You To Know

Painting a room isn’t exactly brain surgery and most of us will do an okay job of it. But professional painters do more than that. They deliver excellent results every single time. This is because they have experience and they also know tricks and techniques that make them good at what they do.

People don’t always like to share their secrets but as a professional painting contractor, we’ve decided to let you in on a few. Here goes…

Surface Preparation is Key

We can’t stress this enough — you can’t paint over cracks or flaking paint and expect the outcome to be good. Before anything, clean the walls, look for imperfections, fix them properly and then paint the surface with primer before applying the actual paint. Repairs might include filling holes, caulking cracks and sanding the wall down with sandpaper.

Quality Paint Will Give Better Results

Good paint doesn’t come cheap. As professionals, we have a few brands we like to stick to, depending on which look you’re going for. Glossy paints are more resistant to stains while matt paints don’t show imperfections as much. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s a high-quality paint.

How You Paint Makes All the Difference

Don’t be stingy with the paint on your brush or roller. You’ll want as much paint on it as you can handle without dripping all over the place when painting walls. For window frames, you’ll use less. Work from the top to the bottom and do the baseboards last. This will stop the dust from travelling onto the brush and onto your freshly painted wall. Make sure you have adequate lighting especially if your paint colour is similar to the previous one. You won’t want to miss a spot.

If painting your home the right way sounds like too much effort, don’t fret, we can help. At Sipenda, we follow all the right steps to ensure a perfect end result. Hire the best painters in Pretoria and get in touch with the team at Sipenda today!