This Is Why You Should Never Hire Amateurs To Paint Your Commercial Building

Painting high-rise commercial buildings are completely different from house painting. Taking into account the safety of workers, the time needed to finish and the costs involved, it’s clear to see why it’s better to hire professional painters with experience in commercial and industrial painting for the project.

So, if you were thinking of hiring just any self-proclaimed painter to paint your entire industrial site or commercial building, think again! Here’s why:

Experienced Painters Will Save You Time and Money

Simply put, painting jobs of this magnitude will be too much for one painter to handle. To paint an industrial sight or highrise building, you’ll need a team of professional painters to get the job done.

These types of painting projects require more preparation and paint than a typical home. The more people on the project, the faster it will go and the more money you’ll save. Additionally, professional painters buy paint and materials in bulk, thus get better prices from suppliers.

Professional Painters = a Satisfactory Outcome

When hiring an amateur, there are no guarantees that the outcome will be adequate. Professional painters are skilled and experienced in painting large buildings and they can help you choose the right type and colour paint for maximum punch. Hiring professionals for your painting job is essential if you want to avoid smearing, flaking or cracking paint.

Professional Painters ALWAYS follow Safety Regulations

If there’s one thing amateurs do well, it’s cutting corners. And when it comes to the safety of your contractor — who would be working at extreme heights — it’s vital to comply with all safety rules and regulations. For their sake and yours.

Now that you know exactly why you should resist hiring amateurs and hire professional painters instead, you should definitely get in touch with Sipenda Painting Contractors. We are professional painters in Pretoria with experience in residential, commercial and industrial painting. We can assure you when you hire us for your painting project, you will be satisfied with the outcome. For more information or a free quote, give us a call today!