Can My Business Stay Open During Painting And Renovations?

Renovations and painting can cause disruptions to your daily operations but it doesn’t have to if you plan and prepare for your painting project carefully. Consider these tips when painting during business hours to keep operations running smoothly.


Determine If You’re Allowed to Stay Open

You’ll need to do thorough research to ensure that your business can legally keep operating before you start painting and renovating. You may not be able to stay open if you own a restaurant. Health and safety codes might forbid it.


Notify Everyone Affected

You’ll also need to notify everyone that could be affected by these events before you start the repainting process. Notify employees and conduct necessary training to ensure that day-to-day operations go on as usual. You can also let customers know by posting signs around your business ahead of time.


Set up Designated Areas

The best way to go about repainting is to start in one zone and move on to the next once completed. Setting up zones or designated areas will reduce the chaos associated with repainting and ultimately make it a stress-free experience.


Create a Buffer Zone

If your space is big enough, you can create an unoccupied zone to separate your work area from the construction area. This will help lower contamination and noise levels and reduce disruption to employees.


Keep Everyone Updated on Progress

Always keep employees and customers in the loop with the progress of your painting project. This can be communicated via signs, email or social media. Some customers might want to wait until renovations are over before returning to your property so be sure to give a final update once the project is completed.


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