This Is Why Your Paint Cracks And How To Fix It

Cracking paint is more common than you might realise and can have various causes. If you’re wondering why the paint in your home or office is cracking or you’re ready to start your painting project but want to prevent cracking paint, it might help you to learn about the reasons for cracking paint. Below are the 5 most common reasons why paint may crack.

Neglecting Proper Preparation

It is vital to take the time to prepare your surface. This will ensure that the paint sticks and prevent it from cracking or blistering. Properly preparing the surface will include the following:

  • Thorough cleaning of the area
  • Stripping the wall of damaged or peeling paint
  • Sanding down the surface
  • Filling up holes
  • Applying primer to the surface

Using Low-Quality Paint

While the price might play a crucial role in the choice of paint, cheaper isn’t always better. Low-quality paint that’s typically cheaper may offer a shorter lifespan and crack faster and easier than high-quality paint. Rather invest in quality paint for a professional outcome.

Not Waiting for Paint to Dry Inbetween Coats

Whenever you’re layering paint, it is crucial to allow the previous coat to dry completely before you apply another layer. If you don’t, it might cause the paint to crack.

Applying Too Much or Too Little Paint

While surface preparation is vital, using the right amount of paint is just as important. If you use too much or too little, your paint might crack early on. The best way to apply paint is to use thin, even layers on your surface.

When Paint Has Reached Its End

Your paint may start to crack as it ages. This will indicate that the paint has reached its end and needs to be replaced.

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