How To Alter The Size And Shape Of Your Room With Paint

When creating the overall mood and atmosphere of a home, it’s vital to choose the right colour palette. The paint colour you choose will determine whether your room feels cold and overwhelming or cosy and homely.

While colours can affect us psychologically, it isn’t the only element to consider when picking your pallet. Paint colours have the power to alter the size and shape of a room. Here’s how.

Make Smaller Rooms Look Bigger and Big Rooms Feel Cosy

If you’re trying to make your small room look bigger and brighter, cool, light tones will go a long way. These shades visually open up the room and reflect any natural light that enters the room.

Bigger rooms often feel bare and empty. Darker shades can be used to absorb light and create a more inviting atmosphere. If your objective is to increase the cosy factor, warm colours like yellow and orange will do the trick.

Create the Illusion of High Ceilings

If you’re stuck with low ceilings, you can easily make them look higher by painting them the same colour as the walls. This optical illusion will blur the lines between where the ceiling begins and the wall ends.

Hide Architectural Features

Painting is much more than just beautifying your space. You can use paint to hide imperfections too. If you have architectural features you wish to conceal, cover them in the same colour paint as the walls. And try to avoid striking decor that will grab your attention and direct it to these eyesores.

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