Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Paint Your Home

Painting your property’s exterior isn’t the type of project that can be taken on at any time of the year. While you might see people painting a house of building in the dead of winter, it might not be the best idea and not just because they will be freezing outside. Some external surfaces are better left for certain seasons.

If you want a flawless paint project, you’ll want to be in line with the elements. This is mainly because of how the paint dries is directly linked to the weather conditions and temperature during application.

You’ll need to keep your eye on the weather and look for a few dry, warm days in a row. Make sure it doesn’t rain in the days leading up to the start of your project either or else the surfaces you want to paint will need time to dry out first. Also, ensure that there are dry days after application to give the paint enough time to cure.

Another factor to consider is huge temperature variances during the course of a day. A rapid temperature drop at night will prevent the paint from drying thoroughly before the next layer is applied. This will lead to a surface that’s less smooth and prone to peeling and cracking.

To ensure the success of your paint project — smooth, thorough surface covering and ample opportunity to dry and cure — you’ll want to schedule your painting project for spring, early autumn or the beginning of summer when temperature fluctuations are less common and summer rain isn’t in full swing.

Another reason to avoid painting in the middle of summer is because of the high temperatures. Severe temperatures might cause the paint to dry too fast which often leads to a less than perfect finish in the form of lumps of paint and unsightly brush marks. Aim for low humidity levels.

It is finally Spring in South Africa making it a great time to paint the exterior of your property. If you’re looking for reliable painters in Pretoria, look no further. Speak to the team at Sipenda to book your free consultation today!