This Is How Often You Should Paint Interior Walls

With homeownership comes the responsibility to keep your home looking great for many years. Knowing when to paint your interior walls will make your job much easier.

These days, quality paint is made to last between seven to ten years. However, many variables can reduce the lifespan of your paint such as the amount of traffic or sunlight the surface receives. Below is a simple guideline on how often internal walls should be painted.

Passages and Hallways

These areas are high traffic and should need to be repainted much quicker than other areas. Every three to five years should be sufficient to cover up the wear and tear.


Since bedrooms don’t get as much traffic and is typically a place to rest, it won’t need to be painted as often. The exception to the rule is of course when you have small children who draw on the walls. In which case we advise you to choose a durable paint that’s washable. Still, children’s bedrooms would need to be painted more often (three to five years) than adult bedrooms where paint can last up to eight years.

Living and Dining Rooms

Living areas, while some of the most ‘lived-in’ areas in the house, don’t demand a fresh coat of paint as often as you might think. Activities in these areas are more formal and paint colours typically go hand in hand with the overall design. A good rule of thumb would be to repaint every five to seven years.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Paint

Taking care of your paint will, no doubt, extend its life. It all starts with the initial preparation: surface cleaning, the application of a good primer and applying high-quality paint. Cleaning any dirt marks the moment you notice them and protecting the surfaces from harmful UV rays with the help of blinds will go a long way.

While these are guidelines you can follow, you can apply paint any time you want. If you are bored with your current wall colour or it’s not trending any longer, a fresh coat of paint might be just what you need. In which case you should get in touch with the best painters in Pretoria — Sipenda Painting Contractors. For more information or a free quote, get in touch today!