Exterior Painting 101: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Paint Project Easier

A fresh coat of paint can improve the appearance of your property faster and for less money than any other renovating project. It also safeguards your investment, protecting it from mother nature until the paint starts to crack and peel. Below are some suggestions to make your next paint job a little easier.

Consider Mother Nature

Plan ahead when painting. Picking the right season to paint your home is critical. Choose the dry season when there is little rain, and the humidity is low. Paint will not dry on wet surfaces.

Choose Quality Over Price

By choosing high-quality paint, you will have to paint your home less frequently. Plus, you’ll get much better coverage when painting. Paint technology has improved drastically in the past few years and is guaranteed to last much longer. It might sound like a good idea to save money upfront but think long term when selecting paint.

Wash Before You Paint

Ensure you clean the walls and trim thoroughly and allow enough time to dry before you start painting. Paint won’t stick very well to dirty surfaces. Sand or scrape any peeling paint to create a solid surface for the paint to adhere.

Use A Primer

Many paints profess that they have combined the primer and paint into one product to guarantee cost saving. Make sure when you buy the product, it includes a primer or buy primer separately.

Roll Flat Surfaces

Using a roller is the best of both worlds. It is possible to cover large areas quickly, and the paint goes down thick, resulting in fewer layers which means less time spent painting.

Mix Cans of Paint

Combining multiple cans of the same colour of paint into a larger container will help ensure a uniform colour is applied to your home’s exterior.

Use The Same Color Or Go Darker

If you choose to go lighter with your home’s exterior, you create more work for yourself since you will need to apply more coats. It’s best to go with the same colour or choose a darker one.

Pick Your Battles Well

If you don’t have the skills or patience to paint the exterior of your home, it’s better to employ professional painters in Pretoria to take on the project. For more information, speak to the team at Sipenda Paint Contractors today.