4 Rules You Should Never Break When Painting Your Property

A fresh coat of paint will revitalise, beautify and protect your property. And it’s one of the most affordable ways to do improvements in a short period of time. But, there are some painting rules you may want to follow when painting the exterior of your property.

Regardless of whether you take on this project yourself or you hire a team of painting contractors, you will want to make sure you follow these house painting rules and do the job right, so you do not have to paint again in a few years.

We have determined several guidelines critical and essential to accomplish a great looking and functional outcome.

Invest in Quality Paint and Primer

You get what you pay for when it comes to painting. High-quality paints are more expensive but reflect better quality paint ingredients. It helps the paint to better adhere to its surface and protects your property from the elements of nature. High-quality paint, when correctly applied, will have a much longer life.

Take Time to Do Your Preparation

Preparation needs time and plenty of patience. If you skip the necessary prep work, you can spend all the money you want buying the highest quality painting materials, and you will be disappointed with the outcome. Make sure you clean the surface thoroughly before painting. It should be free of any old paint or other debris to ensure your primer and paint entirely stick to the surface.

Choose the Right Paint Colour

Selecting the colours you love best is one approach, but it may often result in an unwanted look and feel. Many colours don’t work together in reality and conflict with your decorative items.

Plan Your Job Around the Weather

Don’t paint on excessively hot or cold days and, of course, not on rainy or windy days. The heat and direct sunlight will cause your paint to dry too quickly before it settles into the surface pores and will not adhere as effectively as it would in cooler temps. If the temperatures are too cold, the paint will take too long to set. With the rain, you have dampness and even dew. The wind can ruin the finished look.

By following these rules, your painting job should turn out just fine. If you wish to make use of reputable painting contractors in Pretoria, get in contact with Sipenda Paint Contractors today.