3 Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid by Hiring Professional Painters

Continuous sun, rain and wind exposure can cause roof tiles to fade, mildew and mould to form and broken tiles to show up. You can enhance the visual appeal of your old roof with a fresh coat of paint. Secure long-lasting results and steer clear of some of the frequent mistakes inexperienced property owners make when painting their roofs.

Improper Use of Pressure Washers

It is essential to prepare any surface you want to paint. Preparation involves cleaning the surface meticulously. A pressure washer is one of the best tools to clean your roof before painting. However, be extremely cautious because the powerful stream of water can damage the tiles. Don’t use the highest setting on your washer, and never let the water make contact with the tiles directly. Instead, ensure that it touches the tiles at an angle.

Using a Hand Brush to Paint

Don’t take shortcuts to cut costs when painting your roof. One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced painters make is to use a hand brush to paint roof tiles. You will never get a uniform layer of paint by using a brush. Your paint job won’t look professional, and you won’t be happy with the outcome. The project will also take an insane amount of time to finish, causing you to lose motivation. The best way to paint roof tiles is to use an airless sprayer to apply the sealer and paint.

Not Painting the Complete Roof Area

Avoid painting only one section of the tiles on your roof to stop moisture from damaging your tiles. It may lead to algae growth underneath the coat of paint which will cause peeling. Make sure you paint all the tiles on your roof at the same time to avoid the damaging effects of algae and also to have a uniform look.

Painting a roof is not for the faint of heart! Using professional painters with the proper skills and equipment will make your roof painting quick and effortless. For more information or to request a free quote, get in touch with Sipenda Paint Contractors today.