How-to Guide: Painting the Interior and Exterior of Your Property

Many people have raised the same question: What is the difference between interior and exterior paints? They also want to know if these paints can be used for both applications. To choose the right paint for your painting project, it’s important to know the differences.

Below we’ll discuss the difference between both interior and exterior paint and help you choose the correct paint for your painting project.

The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paint

Interior and exterior paint has different properties and are created for various purposes. While the primary goal of interior paint is to be durable enough to handle the scrubbing, cleaning and resist staining, exterior paints need to be far more robust. Exterior paint needs to be able to fight against fading and mould.

One of the most significant differences, however, is their level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Exterior paints typically have a higher level of VOCs.

How Do I Know Which Paint to Choose?

When selecting paint for your painting project, you have a choice between water-based or oil-based. Both exterior and interior paints are available in water and oil-based. Alkyd paints are oil-based, and latex and acrylic paints are water-based.

Exterior Painting

While oil-based paint is better for withstanding dirt, water-based latex paint is typically used because it’s more durable than oil-based paint. Latex water-based exterior paints are formulated to handle all of mother nature’s elements but don’t take as long to dry as alkyds. It also contains additives that provide longevity as well as dirt and cracking resistance. It especially protects against damaging ultraviolet rays to avoid fading.

Interior Painting

When it comes to indoor painting, water-based paints are preferred. Not just because of the vapours associated with oil-based paints, but because of its chemistry to endure scuffs, scratches and cleaning.

There are paints available to use for both interior and exterior painting, and they are quite versatile. But they do, however, come with some tradeoffs.

Can You Use Interior Paint Outside or Exterior Paint Inside?

Since interior paints are specially formulated for indoor use, it lacks particular environment-specific additives that will be to your disadvantage when used on external surfaces. An interior paint won’t last long when used outdoors because it doesn’t contain heavy-duty additives. Even if the colour doesn’t fade that quickly, the paint will deteriorate at a rapid pace, and you would have to repaint sooner rather than later.

While it is possible to use exterior latex paint for your kitchen or living room, you probably shouldn’t. The additives and binders found in exterior paint are designed to endure harsh conditions. The paint is typically thicker and doesn’t look as great as an interior latex finish.

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