Common Mistakes People Make When Painting Their Property and How to Fix Them

After spending time and effort painting a wall, it can be a big disappointment if you don’t get the perfect result due to a painting mishap. While it can be covered with artwork and furniture, it is recommended that you fix the mistake right away. Here’s how to fix these common painting disasters or avoid them in the first place.

Paint Drips

You can fix the paint drippings by carefully scraping the paint drop. Use sandpaper to smooth the area. Avoid putting too much paint on the brush to prevent it from dripping in the future.

Peeling Paint

Use a wire brush or paint scraper to remove the paint from the affected area. Scrub the area with coarse sandpaper to get rid of the excess and smooth out the surface with fine sandpaper. Apply primer and paint over the affected area. Painting on a wet surface is the biggest culprit for flaking paint, so if the wall is exposed to excessive moisture, it is best to apply a damp proof course before reapplying paint. 


To avoid brush marks, do not overload the brush with paint and use proper painting techniques. 


Clean dirty areas with a pre-paint cleaner such as TSP. When it is completely dry, cover it with an oil-based primer. If the surface is not properly treated before painting, it will easily become dirty. For best results, always use high-quality primers. 


Thoroughly wash the affected area with a pre-paint cleaner and scrub it with a wire brush. Allow the walls to dry completely (at least two days) before priming the surface. When it dries, reapply the paint. It is not necessarily a paint defect, but it is common in areas where the humidity is too high. It can be helpful to use formulated primers to prevent mould.

By hiring a qualified painter for your painting project, you can easily avoid all of the above-mentioned painting mistakes. Contact Sipenda Paint Contractors for a quote. We take great pride in being one of the most affordable and reliable contractors in Pretoria.