Most Common Problems That Can Be Solved by Commercial Painters

Too often, first impressions of customers are based on what your building looks like. And as a business owner, you’ll only get one chance to impress. You’ll want to keep your business in great shape so your customers feel comfortable doing business with you and keep coming back.

Even if your building is well-maintained, you will eventually have problems with exterior paint, and it might fade, peel or crack. To ensure your building stays in tip-top shape, you’ll need to employ commercial painters to assist. Below are three common paint problems you can leave in the capable hands of Sipenda Painters.

Cracked Paint

Cracked or blistering paint will leave your building looking old and run down. Our team at Sipenda starts by chipping away cracked paint with a pressure washer to ensure better adhesion of the new coat. Once the cracked paint is removed and the wall is prepped, we’ll apply high-quality paint.

Faded Paint

Your building will look outdated and worn out when the exterior paint starts to fade. This will give your customers a bad first impression. Sipenda can get your building looking vibrant and new in no time with a fresh coat of paint.

Mould Growth

Mould tend to grow on portions of the building’s exterior that are shaded. Mould will stain the area permanently, but simply painting over it won’t fix the issue. Instead, our team of expert painters will follow the steps below:

  • Completely remove any areas of mould
  • Apply treatment to the area to prevent mould from growing back
  • Repaint the area with mould-resistant paint

Are you an owner of a commercial building looking for commercial painters for your next painting project? Look no further. Hire the best commercial painters in Pretoria for the job. For more information or to request a free quote, get in touch with the team at Sipenda Painters today!