Painting Contractors Pretoria: Hire Professionals If You Want to Avoid These Common Mistakes

Continuous exposure to the sun and rain can cause roof tiles to fade, mildew and mould to form, and broken tiles show up. You can enhance the visual appeal of your old roof with a fresh coat of paint. Long-lasting results can only be secured by steering clear of some of the frequent mistakes that inexperienced property owners make when painting their roofs.

Improper Use of Pressure Washers

It is essential to prepare any surface you want to paint. Preparation involves cleaning the surface meticulously. Among the best methods to thoroughly clean roof tiles before painting is to use a pressure washer. However, you should be extremely cautious when cleaning since the powerful stream of water can damage the tiles. Avoid using the highest setting on your washer. To protect the top layer of your tiles, never let the water make contact with the tiles directly. Instead, ensure that it reaches the tiles at an angle.

Using a Hand Brush to Paint

It is never a good idea to take shortcuts to try and cut costs when painting your roof. One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced painters make is to use a hand brush to paint roof tiles. You will never get a uniform layer of paint if using a brush. This will result in a paint job that looks mediocre, and you won’t be happy with the outcome. The project will also take an insane amount of time to finish, causing you to lose motivation. The best option for painting roof tiles is to use an airless sprayer to apply the sealer and then the paint.

Not Painting the Complete Roof Area

Avoid painting only one section of the tiles on your roof. When you do this, the chances are that moisture will find its way to the tiles that were not painted. This can then lead to the growth of algae underneath the coat of paint which will cause the paint to peel within a short amount of time. You must paint all the tiles on your roof at the same time to avoid the damaging effects of algae and also to have a uniform look.

Painting a roof is not for the faint of heart and, therefore, it may be necessary to hire professional roof painters in case you lack the required experience or skills to do a good job on your own. For the best Painting Contractors in Pretoria, get in touch with Sipenda today.